Quality Control

The health and safety of our clients and staff is a responsibility we take very seriously. By placing hygiene and the strongest operating procedures at the apex of our priorities, we are able to ensure the highest level of confidence in the safety of our food and services.

At Caterman, we have an exclusive Safety, Quality and Hygeine team who dedicate each and every work day to ensure every site kitchen, every employee and every vendor is in accordance with our robust compliance mechanism. Using a variety of reports, checklists, audits, SOPs, trainings and demonstrations, we maintain a level of Safety, Quality and Hygeine that is much higher than the industry standard.

Furthermore, we work with a lot of external compliances and auditors as well. We have been certified under ISO 22000:2005. Apart from working within the guidelines and standards of the FSSAI, we do not purchase any supplies from a vendor if they are not recognized by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). We maintain regular testing of food and water with the leading testing agencies in the industry. All our instruments are maintained with utmost care and are regularly sent for calibration. Last but not least, we have a stellar record at our sites when it comes to external audits.