For healthy food to taste good, freshness of ingredients and their preparation is absolutely necessary. Due to our immense passion for good food and in pursuit of culinary excellence at our institutional kitchens, the Caterman team is constantly working to innovate and improve on the freshness of every single ingredient we use in the kitchen. Additionally, fresh ingredients retain a lot more nutritious value compared to processed foods that may have been adulterated, and in many cases, exposed to preservatives and other such chemicals. Health and safety, our ultimate priority, is maintained through purchasing and cooking the freshest ingredients.

We typically receive all our fresh produce between 24 and 48 hours before preparation ensuring it is never frozen or processed. Our kitchen teams sort through hundreds of kilos of fruits and vegetables every day to ascertain only the best is cooked and served to our clients. Additionally, most of our sites feature complete bakery setups where all breads and desserts are made absolutely fresh every day and nothing beats a freshly baked slice of toast to start off the day. All our food preparation happens within 24 hours of service and nothing is ever stored or precooked longer than that.

Our menus evolve with the season and along with the added benefit of excitement in dishes, we serve only what is seasonal and fresh. Our procurement teams scour the labyrinth of seasonal produce markets and bring new and innovative additions to the list of ingredients every month. Our highly experienced culinary teams then adapt or create additions to our vast menu bank to bring the freshest dishes to the table.