Holi: Stay Energized and Hydrated

The spring festival of India, Holi is an exceptionally exciting festival of colors. It is meant to welcome the spring season and say good bye to the cold winters. On this festival there are many traditional foods to be eaten. As it is with all celebrations, the choices of food available are tremendous and it is very easy to binge, over eat and regret later. Here are some tips on how to have a fun, safe and healthy Holi celebration:

Eat healthy, stay energized

Before you go out to play Holi, make sure you eat a healthy and heavy breakfast that sustains your energy levels through the afternoon and doesn’t leave you too hungry to binge on unhealthy alternatives that may be available through the day. Some examples of what you should add to your breakfast are muesli, milk, fresh fruits, idlis, vegetable filled dosas, porridge and oats.
End the day with a light meal since you maybe snacked here and there through the day. Try to consume dishes high in fiber like salads, stir fried vegetables and multi grain breads. This will help in clearing your digestive system and leaving you fresh for the next day.

Drink healthy, stay hydrated

On a day filled with outdoor activities in the sun, dehydration is one of the most overlooked buzzkills. Dehydration is linked to headaches, muscle fatigue, obesity, poor gut health and lethargy. A bout of dehydration can completely ruin your day and possible the week ahead, so it is best to keep fluids flowing in and enjoy your day to the fullest. Hydrate yourself this Holi with refreshing drinks like lemon water, fresh fruit Juices, coconut water and thandai over sodas and other artificial flavored drinks.


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