Born From Food

Caterman belongs to a family of brands that have been instrumental in revolutionizing the culinary industry in the NCR region over the past three decades. We know a lot about food and have been making customers happy with our cooking for a very long time.

We first started with The Ranch, an outdoor catering venture, and were soon synonymous for being the most professional, progressive and preferred location for weddings, parties, conferences and any event that required the best in quality and service.

We then moved on to open a string of award winning restaurants across Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. They are Lotus Pond, Bamboo Shoots, Rice Bowl, Near East, Wokamama, Lemon Twist and Trance. These restaurants were instrumental in bringing innovative cuisine and experiences to the NCR, and at Caterman we embody the same spirit of culinary excellence with every meal we serve.

Our Directors, Executives, Chefs and Managers are all alumni and ex-employees of the elite institutions and establishments of the Indian hospitality industry.

Along with a vast trove of professional experience, the whole Caterman team can proudly say that we as a company are born from food. We are very passionate about good food and are dedicated to making our customers happy, a theme that is reflected through all our businesses.